The optimal management of human capital is crucial to the success of any organisation. Our employment lawyers will guide you through human resource policies, employment issues in mergers and reorganisations, handle employee performance and disciplinary issues, advise on union related issues and represent you in the Industrial and Labour courts.

Mergers and Reorganisations

When taking on employment issues in the face of mergers, acquisitions, business reorganisations, outsourcing and the introduction of new processes or methods, the drafting of legal documentation is only one part of a delicate equation. Our experienced teams will also assist you with the other equally important part, namely, the method of delivery and appropriate communication strategy for your voluntary separation schemes, workforce reductions or transfers of employees so that you can make those transitions as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Contracts of Employment and HR Policies

As an employer, you need to know your rights and obligations. And you will also want to ensure your employees’ rights are respected in the work place. We can draft contracts of employment and confidentiality agreements as well as review your existing employment contracts, HR policies, Code of Ethics and employee handbooks to ensure that they are all in compliance with local legislation.

Performance/Disciplinary Issues

We can advise you on how to best manage your people issues in a manner that is consistent with the legal requirements for fairness and just cause. We have the requisite experience to help you set up a domestic inquiry to investigate any allegations of misconduct. We will work with you to study relevant evidence and advise you on the adequacy of your investigation findings, including the drafting of show case letters or notices of domestic inquiry. Other than the disciplinary process, we can facilitate a proactive stance for you by drafting documentation for the performance improvement process.

Unionised Workplaces

Our Employment & Human Capital Services teams can assist you with all your union-related issues. We can also advise you when you embark into collective bargaining with trade unions and assist you to draft collective agreements. And if, despite the best of intentions, negotiations still end in deadlock, our experienced lawyers can represent you in the respective Courts.

Labour Court Representation

We have been in Court in a great number of cases defending our clients against such claims and allegations brought by individuals or their trade unions. We are well experienced to represent you in the Labour Court as well as civil and appellate courts. We seek in every case to achieve the results that meet our clients’ expectations.