National Assembly deputies yesterday voted with overwhelming majorities to pass two laws and one resolution at the 14th parliament’s fourth session.

Passed with 90.84 per cent approval, the law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the Law on Overseas Representative Missions of the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam will take effect from July 1, 2018.

The changes contain criteria for members of the country’s representative offices, including political firmness, professional competence and language proficiency, as well as preferential policies for other members of Vietnamese representative missions such as spouses and their children.

Resolution 88/2014/QH 13 on changing the roadmap for reforming the curricula and textbooks for general education was adopted with 89.21 per cent of yes votes.

The resolution sets new deadlines for application of new curriculum and textbooks in primary schools (2020-21 academic year), secondary school (2021-22) and high school (2022-23).

The Government will direct the work, arrange financial resources and prepare all necessary conditions including hiring of teaching and managerial staff to building infrastructure.

The revised Law on Fisheries with nine chapters and 105 articles got an 89 per cent approval. The law regulates aquatic activities, rights and obligations of relevant organisations and individuals, and State management of fisheries.

It applies to Vietnamese and foreign organisations and individuals functioning in the seafood sector or engaging in relevant activities on and off the coast of Việt Nam’s islands, archipelagos and other marine territories.

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